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Update Arrhythmia and CPR for ACLS support

Emily Veenhuis requested to merge feature/cpr_updates into 4.x

Changed CPR ForceScale to Depth; 0-6cm supported Refactor the implementation of Cardiac Arrest

  • Added SETemporalInterpolator to linearly walk a value from an initial to a target over a given time
  • Tuned compliances/resistance to settle Cardiac Arrest around a ~20 MAP
  • Tuned CPR to get us a MAP ~50 mmHg and Coronary Pulse Pressure ~25-30 mmHg with good (5-6cm) CPR
  • Tuned all other Arrhythmia
  • Created more scenarios and started collecting validation data

This is still a partially validated model, there is still a ton to do concerning ALCS

Edited by Aaron Bray

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