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Added Boxlib sources

Tim Gallagher requested to merge tpg2114/visitbridge:BoxlibReader into master

Only the 2D reader has been attempted, the 3D source files were added but not included in the CMakeLists. The Boxlib library has to be built independently without MPI and with the number of dimensions set to 2.

The CMakeLists in VisItBridge/databases is horribly hacked at the end of the file to link against the boxlib libraries -- I didn't spend time writing a FindBoxlib to do this properly yet.

The code compiles and runs, but when loading a dataset that works in Visit, it throws:

ERROR: In /data4/PVBoxLibTest/paraview/VTK/Common/DataModel/vtkAMRInformation.cxx, line 573 vtkAMRInformation (0x4675f30): Invalid grid description for a vtkUniformGrid.

The attached dataset is a Boxlib2D file that can be opened by selecting the Header file.


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