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    Cleanup ParaView offscreen support. · 1ba7dde4
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This updates ParaView to incorporate changes to VTK to support EGL and
    GLX in the same build. We also take this opportunity to clean up a few
    1. ParaView processes can now decide if they need to be off-screen
       or on-screen on their own. This is based on the process type and
       configuration ParaView is running in.
    2. Users can override this by passing new command line arguments to the
       process: `--force-onscreen-rendering` or
       `--force-offscreen-rendering`. The old `--use-offscreen-rendering`
       flag is now deprecated and is interpreted as
    3. Deprecated vtkPVDisplayInformation and replaced it with
       vtkPVRenderingCapabilitiesInformation. This provides more information
       that just DISPLAY.
    4. vtkPVOpenGLExtensionsInformation is deprecated since it not useful
       anymore. Client applications don't need such exhaustive extension
    5. vtkPVOpenGLInformation was cleaned up to avoid making OpenGL calls
       itself. Instead, it queries the vtkRenderWindow. It also provides
       full extension list, a semi-replacement for
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