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    add Catalyst export now and cinemaA-C expansion for D · 4ca2034f
    David E. DeMarle authored
    This change adds the Export Now button to the Catalyst menu (only if
    PYTHON is enabled like the other contents). When pressed, ParaView will
    animate through the available timesteps and export the same set of data
    products (writers and screenshots) that Catalyst is configured to do.
    As with catalyst, we now cinema export repeatedly, once per timestep,
    wheras for the original file export path we would call once and have
    cinema do the loop
    We instantiate serial writers in when we don't have access to the
    parallel counterparts.
    To expand for Cinema D, the cinema image library changed to keep a
    record of every new file it writes, along with the parameters that
    produced it. cinema D export gets that information and dynamically
    creates an expanded set of keys to save out at the end
    hide object track and roll parameters without composite. It was
    broken in 5.6.0.RC3 when spaces were removed from the property names.
    catalyst export expands cinema A-C into D too
    add a reasonably complete regression test that ensures that the
    code paths run and that the newish index file and subdirectory at least
    exist after the run.
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