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    Cleaned up API to control ordered compositing process order. · ceb22b45
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    When ordered compositing is enabled, ParaView determines the process order by
    partitioning the data using PKdTree. However, in some cases, like when volume
    rendering image-data, we need to override the partitioning using the partitions
    from the image data itself. This commit cleans up the API for proving such
    information to the view from a representation. In past it was tightly coupled
    with vtkImageData producer. This change makes it possible to just pass the
    meta-data about extent-translator to use, origin, spacing, extents etc. to
    generate the partitioning. This will make it possible for non-image data
    representations to provide this meta-data without having to create a
    This removes obsolete vtkBSPCutsGenerator. Also vtkKdTreeManager now always
    regenerates the KdTree. The checks to avoid regenerating unless the input
    changed have been removed.
    Change-Id: I469f54ba931fd64f66097d0ea579e9d8652d9bfc
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