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    Integrated an object-oriented, phased approach to web testing. · 5141f40a
    Scott Wittenburg authored
    With the integration of testing base classes written by Roni
    Choudhury, we needed to refactor the existing web-based testing
    scripts.  The introduction of these new base classes allows us
    to support multiple baseline images and testing in different
    browsers seamlessly.
    Now, new test scripts should extend one of the three new testing
    base classes: WebTest, BrowserBasedWebTest, or
    ImageComparatorWebTest, and override some or all of the testing
    phase methods implemented in those classes.  New tests can be
    given any class name, and the class will be instantiated
    dynamically at run-time by the newly refactored vtk.web.testing
    Also changed was the FindSeleniumDrivers cmake script, so that
    at least the firefox webdriver extension can be found.  More
    changes were required in the ParaViewTestingMacros cmake file,
    where I fixed a bug that kept any but the first browsers tests
    from being registered, and where I added a new argument to the
    addition of test scritps: --test-use-browser.
    Change-Id: Ie405280d2efefe13e0f09d7562ad15c7017a3628
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