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    fix vtkPVProminentValuesInformation. · 87bf513b
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This fixes a few issues with how "prominent values" were handled.
    1. `vtkSMRepresentationProxy::GetProminentValuesInformation` always
       looked are represented data and never and it's input's data. That is
       different from how info for non-prominent values is handled.
       When coloring etc, we first look at the array range for the array
       from input, if present and then from represented data if the array
       was not present on the input. This was causing the molecule
       representation to not have any atomic numbers related information on
       creation. fixed that.
    2. `vtkPVProminentValuesInformation` didn't have correct code in
       `CopyFromObject`. It was just a copy-paste from vtkPVDataInformation
       which didn't make sense for vtkPVProminentValuesInformation. Fixed
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