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    Improve logic to mark representations modified. · cc766dc6
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    Improves the infrastructure to mark representations modified only when
    necessary. Current implementation (via
    vtkSMProxyProperty::SkipDependency) was error prone. Now,
    vtkSMRepresentationProxy is smarter at deciding is the proxy is being
    dirtied via a upstream pipeline connection or something else.
    This was done by adding new API (vtkSMProxy::MarkDirtyFromProducer)
    which has relevant information available to representation to determine
    which producer connection the dirty notification is coming from.
    This helps use avoid clearning animation cache for representation
    property changes that should only affect rendering (not data
    processing). Fixes #18275.
    Futhermore, all representations now have `DebugName` which is handy
    string that helps identify a representation proxy making it clear which
    source's what representation is corresponds to.
    vtkSMProxyProperty::SkipDependency (and `skip_dependency` XML attribute)
    is now obsolete and no longer needed or used.
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