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Filters renaming and categories update

Nicolas Vuaille requested to merge nicolas.vuaille/paraview:ProxyRenaming into master

Rename some filters to give them a more concise, meaningful name. Create new categories.

Filters renaming

At some point, we probably should update/create some guideline on how to name a proxy/filter.

For each filter renamed, the following files should be updated:

  • *.xml: the servermanager file declaring the proxy. This should keep a deprecated version with the previous name, inheriting the new.
  • ParaViewFilters.xml: to expose new proxy in ParaView GUI.
  • vtkSMStateVersionController.cxx for pvsm backward compatibility. It uses proxy name.
  • for python backward compatibility. It uses proxy label.
  • to document the change in release note
  • Testing/*.xml (opt): the XML test(s) using this proxy
Renaming summary
previous name new name
GhostCellsGenerator GhostCells
AddFieldArrays FieldArraysFromFile
AppendArcLength PolylineLength
AppendLocationAttributes Coordinates
BlockScalars BlockIds
ComputeConnectedSurfaceProperties ConnectedSurfaceProperties
GenerateGlobalIds GlobalCellAndPointIds
GenerateIds CellAndPointIds
GenerateProcessIds ProcessIds
GenerateSpatioTemporalHarmonics SpatioTemporalHarmonics
GenerateSurfaceNormals SurfaceNormals
GenerateSurfaceTangents SurfaceTangents
LevelScalarsOverlappingAMR OverlappingAMRLevelIds


Categories now support to be nested. Use this feature to reorganize current categories and add some more.



Documentation update

Added a page about naming proxies and deprecation.

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