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Add vtkAxisAlignedPlaneCutter filter

Thomas Galland requested to merge thomas.galland/paraview:htgMultiSlice2 into master

Add vtkAxisAlignedPlaneCutter filter to VTKExtension and expose it in ParaView.

This filter only takes Axis-Aligned Plane as implicit function to slice the input data. It reduces the dimension of the input by 1 (i.e. it produces slice(s) having the same data type than the input).

For now, this filter supports HyperTree Grids and Overlapping AMRs as input data, and Axis-Aligned plane as cut function.

  • If the input type is vtkOverlappingAMR (does not support multi-slicing), the output type is directly a vtkOverlappingAMR.
  • If the input type is a vtkHyperTreeGrid (supports multi-slicing), the output is a vtkPartionedDataSetCollection of vtkHyperTreeGrid (each vtkPartitionedDataSet of the collection contains one slice).
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