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Refactor save screenshot and save animation dialogs

This change refactors save screenshot and save animation dialogs. Besides code clean up, this adds support for following:

  • Unifies available options between "Save Screenshot" and "Save Animation". Options that affect the saved images need not be any different between the two. This change ensures that both will always stay in sync.

  • All options available in these dialogs are now available in the Python API as well, including changing color palette, stereo modes etc.

  • Python API now allows users to save screenshot or animation given a target resolution (same as the UI), rather than specifying magnification factor as was the case before.

  • Options like Transparent Background, Separator Width, Separator Color are no longer specified in Application Settings (which was always odd), instead explicitly specified in the Save Screenshot, Save Animation dialogs.

  • Save Animation now supports saving results from a single view, rather than only supporting all views.

  • Adds UI to control Font Scaling. Users can choose between Scale fonts proportionally (default) and Do not scale fonts. The latter is intended for saving images targeted for larger displays, as against great pixel density displays.

Addresses #14958 (closed), #17031 (closed), #14955 (closed), #17307 (closed)

Other tasks:

Note: on OsX #17324 (closed) affects the appearance. Will have that fixed separately.

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