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    Refactoring slice view/quad view. · fd01c29c
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This is a refactor of the views that the ParaView UI called "Slice View"
    and "Quad View".
    This change has several cleanups that should make the views easier to
    maintain. The improvements include:
    * vtkPVOrthographicSliceView replaces vtkPVQuadView.
    Added vtkPVOrthographicSliceView to replace vtkPVQuadView. Quad view
    becomes a more understandable "Orthographic Slice View".
    * Changed the way basis vectors are specified.
    The new implementation simply expects a change-of-basis-matrix and then
    the bounds for the dataset in original basis. Both the Slice View and
    Orthographic Slice view supports this new basis vector definition
    mechanism. vtkPVChangeOfBasisHelper is added to make it easier for
    applications to add/retrieve this meta-data.
    * vtkShearedWaveletSource replaces vtkShearedCubeSource.
    vtkShearedCubeSource is replacted by vtkShearedWaveletSource which uses
    the new way of specifying basis vectors.
    * vtkPVOrthographicSliceView replaces QuadView.
    vtkPVOrthographicSliceView users a single window with multiple renders
    to show the orthographic views. This makes it easier for applications to
    handle this view as simply a specialization of RenderView. No special
    layouting code needed to lay out the internal sub-views.
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