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    Added vtkSMSettings class · 2ead0d90
    Cory Quammen authored
    This class is meant to be a central location for user-defined program
    defaults. It supports the notion of site-wide settings meant to be
    used for installations of ParaView in a centralized location for a
    specific computing site. Site-wide settings can be overridden by
    user-specific settings specified in a file in the user's home
    The site-wide file is named .pvsitesettings.js and its location has
    yet to be determined.
    The user-specific a file is named .pvsettings.js and it is expected to
    be in the user's home directory. An example file for changing the
    properties in the SphereSource looks like:
      "sources" : {
        "SphereSource" : {
          "Radius" : 4.0,
          "ThetaResolution" : 32,
          "PhiResolution" : 32,
          "Center" : [1.0, 2.0, 3.0]
    A common pattern of usage is expected to involve calling
    vtkSMSettings::SetProxySettings(vtkSMProxy* proxy)
    after a proxy is created in the application.
    Change-Id: Ieaca8f4d1ea7258372bf84af87b6a1bae0c24ff5
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