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Base CMake translation binary generator + associated CI

NicolasB requested to merge gitlab-ci into main

Add CMake build system with a target per language, and ALL target to generate every language

Make a CMake qm generation from repo and make it exportable for the superbuild.

This empty branch is just there so we can do reviews.

As for the updates of the ts files of translated languages, most of the CMS updates it from the source ts automatically

The file hierarchy is strict, when a language is implemented, it has a corresponding folder with its locale name, and with the same ts files as in the template folder en_US (stored in variable ts_files).

The ALL target generate all qms in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, but users can also generate single languages by the corresponding locale/target (ie. ninja fr_FR it_IT to generate French and Italian languages)

Adds a CI that runs Cmake and then make (with the all target) to make sure all languages are correctly generated.

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