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    Help: Override pygments CMakeLexer to support <..> and [..] · fc7ee1ca
    Joachim Wuttke authored
    * The code snippets in the docs consist of CMake code mixed
      with syntax definition punctuation like < > [ ] ... Therefore
      a pure CMake lexer is inadequate. Here it is replaced by a
      CMake syntax definition parser.
    * Fixed syntax definition snippets in FindPkgConfig.cmake to
      make best use of syntax highlighting. This source file is the
      hardest to support because it contains comparison operators
      <= = >=, which need special attention to avoid confusion
      with the placeholder indicators <...>.
    * Fixed syntax in execute_process.rst (there were unbalanced
    * Disabled syntax highlighting for long string examples in
    * No highlighting of removed syntax in CMP0049
    * To inspect the outcome of this patch, see e.g. the pages
      * manual/cmake-buildsystem.7.html
      * module/ExternalProject.html
      * module/FindPkgConfig.html
      which are particularly rich in complex code snippets.
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