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SLAM output as GPS pose

Nicolas Cadart requested to merge feat/slamOutputAsGpsPose into master


Enable to publish SLAM output pose as if it was generated by a GPS antenna :

  • If enabled, the ROS node publishes the GPS antenna pose according to SLAM instead of LiDAR's, making it easier to replace GPS in case of no satellite-signal zone. A GPS/LiDAR sensors offset has to be provided.

  • To link SLAM local pose to a world fixed frame, a GPS/SLAM calibration step can be performed. If enabled, GPS fixes (Lat/Lon/Alt) will be converted to UTM (X/Y/Z) coordinates and recorded, while SLAM is running. The calibration step will find the global transform to match these two trajectories, and publish it to link the two separated TF trees. The calibration can be triggered at any time by publishing an empty message on a specific topic.

Documentation has been written to list dependencies and explain use and parameters.

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