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[PV][refact] Update filter interface

Julia Sanchez requested to merge PV/UpdateButtons into master


The filter interface was too complex and the actions of the button was not explicit enough.

This MR refactors the buttons and fixes a bug in ClearMaps. The maps couldn't be built once the button had been clicked.

It also improves the behavior of the decay threshold.


  • Update default output (remove current keypoints and decrease the refresh rate) to improve performances
  • Fix minor consistency issues in parameters
  • Move buttons to their corresponding parameter section and rename them with more explicit names.
  • Fix ClearMaps button


Filter UI :







  • Camel case everywhere except for ROS variables/parameters
  • Lower case for local variables and lambda functions
  • Upper case for members, methods and tool functions (in Utils)
  • Precise namespace when calling a function (or this->X or classe.X)
  • Align code (for multiline if and while, "&&" or "||" go in upper line to ensure alignement)
  • Check your spaces
    • between if, while, for and parenthesis
    • between operators and variables: e.g. a + b
    • after ","
  • Mind your commit titles/desc (plurals, he/she + "s", correct tags, title should begin by a verb...)
  • Function names should start with a verb, variable names should start with a name
  • Macros should be between {}
  • Do not use negative boolean (i.e. noJoe)
  • Check minimal size of the types (double -> float -> int -> uint)
  • Check const and ref in functions arguments
  • References should be written "type& name", not "type &name"
  • Update documentation
  • Add MR labels [ROS]/[ROS2]/[PV]
  • If ros/ros2, update task table here
  • Add a comment over each non trivial function in header files
  • Add a header to each new file
Edited by Julia Sanchez

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