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[PV][feat] Initiate a toolbar with a preset manager dialog

Timothée Couble requested to merge feat/addPresetToobar into master

This MR adds some basic UI capabilities for the SLAM.

It adds a toolbar with icons: image
The list of new buttons:

  • Create the SLAM Filter on the current source (usually on a LidarReader)
  • Open a Preset dialog:
    • This dialog allow the user to fill the SLAM with standard preset for Environment and LiDAR models (e.g the user might want to use a Velodyne in a City).
    • The buttons to right can be use to share custom preset (load / save / delete). Note the preset are saved in local config folder (~/.config/Kitware/SlamPreset on linux).
    • It is important to note that User Custom preset are overriding all properties. (compared to environment and model presets)
  • The next three button are respectively: Initialization, Add External Sensor and Optimize Graph dialogs. They are just re-grouping some properties in dialog. A nice next improvement would be to add more logic to the dialog to help user choosing / modify the right option.
    image image image
  • The last button can be use to reset all SLAM maps

This MR also adds a dialog from menu Help to show SLAM version and all associated libraries version: image

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