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[ROS2][fix][refact][PV] Fix minor issues with kpts extraction

Julia Sanchez requested to merge ROS2/fix/FixKeypoints into feat/ROS2

Based on !402 (merged)


  • Fixing some edge cases bugs rising during LV tests about keypoints extraction.
  • Uniformizing and fixing some setter/getters
  • Improve SSKE keypoints extraction



Force computation of all edge kpts before downsampling


  • Remove the initialization of CurrentFrame. This was done to make the comparison with previous frames work from frame #0. This was causing a bug with default values in comparison (edge case).
  • Add check on timestamp for CurrentWorldKeypoints when checking if it has already been computed to avoid edge case
  • Add check on registered frame if SLAM returns before computing one to avoid segfault
  • Avoid recomputation of the SLAM filter if the edge/plane angles are modified
  • Improve style and format of vtkSpinningSensorKeypointsExtractor.cxx
  • Remove already existing macros
  • Fix header inclusion macros of KeypointExtractor.h



Launch any pipeline in ROS2

Check there is no frame without geometric edge even with a low "Max points" parameter.

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