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[ROS2][fix] Fix pose comparison in ROS test

Tong Fu requested to merge ROS2/fix/FixDropFrameInSlamTest into feat/ROS2


This MR fixes the ROS2 tests and tries to make them deterministic.


Previously, NbFramesDropped increases when a frame of current slam result is not presented in reference frame. But, we'd like to detect dropped frame in current slam result w.r.t reference result.

Some frames are dropped. We try a fix with qos settings.


  • When comparing reference result with current slam result:
    • if a frame is not in reference result, a warning information is displayed
    • if a frame is not presented in current slam result w.r.t reference, consider it as a dropped frame, increase counter NbFramesDropped
  • The comparison of the position difference and angle difference is based on relative transform bewteen two frame. Frames need to have the same timestamp between reference and current slam result.
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