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[ROS][feat] Integrate loop closure in ros_wrapping

Tong Fu requested to merge ROS/feat/IntegrateLoopClosure into master


Integrate loop closure into ros wrapping. The changes are for ros_wrapping


  • Add function ReadLoopIndices to read loop closure indices from an external csv file
  • Add command LOAD_LOOP_INDICES to load loop closure indices
  • Make OptimizeGraph take loop closure constraint into account
  • Add PGO constraint parameters for pose graph
  • Add buttons for 'optimize graph' and 'load loop indices' in rviz


Please see in MR !312 (merged) a demo of loop closure application

Add output information of slam:

[ WARN] [1699021580.617365849]: Please review the following parameters setting:
[ INFO] [1699021580.617436828]: Logging timeout is set to 1800s. Pose graph optimization can be applied on this time window.
[ INFO] [1699021580.617452127]: Loop closure constraint is enabled for pose graph
[ INFO] [1699021580.617464904]: Sensor            | is enabled | can be used locally | can be used for PGO |
[ INFO] [1699021580.617480510]: Camera            |        OFF |                  NO |                  NO |
[ INFO] [1699021580.617493293]: Landmark detector |        OFF |                  NO |                  NO |
[ INFO] [1699021580.617505729]: Pose sensor       |        OFF |                  NO |                  NO |
[ INFO] [1699021580.617517766]: GPS               |        OFF |                  NO |                  NO |


  • compile with ros1
  • Test with loop closure data
  • Add an interface figure and result figures
  • Update doc
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