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[ROS2][feat] Handle multiple Velodyne Lidar models

Arthur Bourbousson requested to merge feat/HandleMultipleVelodyneLidar into feat/ROS2


To handle different velodyne lidar models via launch file.


Add parameters in launch file to handle multiple velodyne lidar models in ROS2 wrapping:

  • model: VLP16 / 32C / VLS128
  • calibration_file_path: path for the calibration_file. Velodyne 32c provides a calibration file VLP-32c.xml. It should be converted into .yaml to use it in ROS2. A script is provided to generate the supported calibration file. Otherwise, velodyne_driver provides the default calibration files for different models which can be found in velodyne_pointcloud/params


If a ros bag is from a velodyne VLC32c:

ros2 launch lidar_slam velodyne_drive:=true model:=32C calibration_file_path:='path/to/calibrationfile/VLP-32c.yaml'

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