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[feat] Add a template for merge request

Julia Sanchez requested to merge keu-computervision/slam_epita:master into master


Before, on master, the SLAM was doing this. The goal of this MR is to do this and that.


  • A function called Myfunction is added to this file. It takes that as input and this as output. The parameters are bla and bli because. It does this and that following this method
    1. First it does that
    2. Then it does this
    3. And finally it does that
  • The previous function is used in foo to do that.


Commands to reproduce the results

catkin_make -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

ros2 launch my_launch.launch param1:=2

ros2 bag play --clock path/to/this_bag.bag


Performances (optional)

  • The overall SLAM process before (on master) was taking 10s
  • The overall process takes 9s

What remains to solve

  • this
  • this
  • that

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