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Simplify ROS lidar_slam node

Nicolas Cadart requested to merge fix/SimplifyRosLidarSlamNode into master

Simplify LidarSlamNode :

  • Refactor SLAM outputs : user can now choose which outputs he wants to be published, such as SLAM pose (as TF or odometry msg), keypoints maps, current keypoints extracted from current frame, and other debug info.
  • Move frame dropping check to core SLAM algorithm
  • Delete unnecessary LidarSlamNode members attributes : use Slam members when possible, or get values form ROS parameter server only when it is necessary.
  • Rename output topics and parameters : rename output topics and/or use prefix for more clear names.
  • Update doc accordingly to this new behavior.
  • Minor corrections

As this MR changes a part of ROS interface (some output topics names or parameters names have been changed), and a new behavior is available for choosing wanted SLAM outputs, bump version of the lidar_slam package to 1.1.1.

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