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Add multi-threading

Nicolas Cadart requested to merge feat/multihreading into master

Enable optional multi-threading for SLAM using OpenMP (Ceres multi-threading is also based on OpenMP).

Add OpenMP dependency.

Some steps can be performed in different threads to increase runtime performance:

  • Keypoints extraction can be efficiently parallelized by running independent extraction on each scanLine in different threads.
  • SLAM ICP for-loops on each keypoint can also be parallelized.
  • SLAM Ceres optimization can also be parallized by computing residuals and jacobians on different threads.
  • Keypoints maps update, maps loading or KD-trees constructions can be performed in independent sections.

Tests achieved a speedup of approximately x2 using at most 4 threads, even if these 4 threads are not requested 100% of the time.

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