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[feat] Add odometry and IMU constraints to optimization

Julia Sanchez requested to merge AddSensorConstraints into master

To solve issues relative to the lack of dimensionality constraint or dynamic environments, some external sensor data can be added to the SLAM optimization (tight coupling).

  • This is only usable as postprocess

  • The sensor data must come from a .csv file. The upload is performed in PV wrapping only

  • A new function ComputeSensorConstraints is added to AddFrame pipeline

  • A new set header/cxx file is added with new SensorConstraints namespace and relative sensor manager classes

  • New Ceres cost functions are added to the file CeresCostFunctions

  • The PV wrapping is updated to take weight parameters relative to the impact of the sensor constraint on optimization result

Note : This branch is based on the xml refactoring one to allow python parameters access if some tests are to be run from Lidarview

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