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[refact] Gather all keypoint types relative structures and functions

Julia Sanchez requested to merge RefactorKeypointTypesManagement into master

All functions and features linked to keypoints exist for edges, planes and blobs. This leads to triplicated parts of code and make the whole process hardly adjustable (add or remove keypoint types). This MR intends to fix this issue. All processed (like lambda functions) applied successively to each keypoint type is now replaced by a loop on a new vector of keypoint types.

  • Such features are stored in std maps which pair the keypoint type with the feature.
  • The relative functions are adapted to take the keypoint type as argument.
  • Loops process iteratively each maps element (a lot of lambda functions are removed)
  • New static containers are added in enums header file to be able to loop on keypoint types.
  • Spelling mistakes are corrected (double 's')

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