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    ENH: Modernize RIBExporter and RIBProperty · f7106e4f
    Bill Lorensen authored
    The original RIB classes were created to work with BMRT, a free
    Renderman implementation written by Larry Gritz.
    This patch updates the RIB classes to conform to the latest Renderman
    RIB syntax. Motivated by the Pixar release of a no cost Renderman:
    Adds two new tests:
    TestRIBExporter generates a valid rib file that should work with
    Renderman. This is meant to be a regression test for a Renderman
    rendered image.
    UnitTestRIB attempts to cover all of the RIB code including errors and
    If Renderman is detected on the system, the RIB file generated by
    TestRIBExporter is processed and the resulting image is checked for
    changes from a baseline.
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