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    Cray: Fix Cray compiler detection on new platforms · 9ee4a428
    Justin LaPolla authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
    Customer reported problems detecting the Cray compiler on their Apollo80
    system. We were checking for the __CRAYXC and __CRAYXE predefined
    macros. These macros reflect the platform that the compiler is running
    on, i.e. Cray XC and Cray XE machines. Naturally, this didn't work on
    This commit uses the official Cray compiler identification macros which
    are defined on every platform:
        CCE Version     C Macro     C++ Macro    Fortran Macro
        ============    ========    =========    =============
        version <  9    _CRAYC      _CRAYC       _CRAYFTN
        version >= 9    __cray__    __cray__     _CRAYFTN