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libarchive: Remove CMake-specific README

We will now manage the libarchive source tree updates using
the `Utilities/Scripts/update-libarchive.bash` script.  Drop
the README that covered the old method.
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The Utilities/cmlibarchive directory contains a reduced distribution
of the libarchive source tree with only the library source code and
CMake build system. It is not a submodule; the actual content is part
of our source tree and changes can be made and committed directly.
We update from upstream using Git's "subtree" merge strategy. A
special branch contains commits of upstream libarchive snapshots and
nothing else. No Git ref points explicitly to the head of this
branch, but it is merged into our history.
Update libarchive from upstream as follows. Create a local branch to
explicitly reference the upstream snapshot branch head:
git branch libarchive-upstream 1a8c7bc2
Use a temporary directory to checkout the branch:
mkdir libarchive-tmp
cd libarchive-tmp
git init
git pull .. libarchive-upstream
rm -rf *
Now place the (reduced) libarchive content in this directory. See
instructions shown by
git log 1a8c7bc2
for help extracting the content from the upstream svn repo. Then run
the following commands to commit the new version. Substitute the
appropriate date and version number:
git add --all
GIT_AUTHOR_NAME='LibArchive Upstream' \
GIT_AUTHOR_DATE='Wed Oct 21 01:47:34 2015 -0700' \
git commit -m 'libarchive 3.1.2-601-g3bfe5f1 (reduced)' &&
git commit --amend
Edit the commit message to describe the procedure used to obtain the
content. Then push the changes back up to the main local repository:
git push .. HEAD:libarchive-upstream
cd ..
rm -rf libarchive-tmp
Create a topic in the main repository on which to perform the update:
git checkout -b update-libarchive master
Merge the libarchive-upstream branch as a subtree:
git merge -s recursive -X subtree=Utilities/cmlibarchive \
If there are conflicts, resolve them and commit. Build and test the
tree. Commit any additional changes needed to succeed.
Finally, run
git rev-parse --short=8 libarchive-upstream
to get the commit from which the libarchive-upstream branch must be started
on the next update. Edit the "git branch libarchive-upstream" line above to
record it, and commit this file.
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