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    Mathieu Westphal authored
    1. A new check button has been added
    2. When toggled, reoding is paused and recorder goes into check mode
    3. In check mode, the recorder will call translateCheckEvent in the event filter
    4. A generic implementation of the translateCheckEvent method
    5. In Check mode, input event are not forwarded
    6. Some input event are treated to draw a rectangle on hovering and check a widget in clicking
    7. Adding the icon for check
    8. Tests
    9. Opengl support
    10. Generalizing Translator and player for QAbstractItemView
    Check Event playing
    1. Adding a eventType parameter to getNextEvent method
    2. Adding a playCheckEvent method in pqEventPlayer
    1.Correcting pause/unpause language error in pqEventRecorder
    2. Support for ContextMenu via generalizing contextMenu
    3. QtoolBar bugs
    4. Fix activate recording of pqAbstractButtonEventTranslator
    Some "activate" events where missing when a toolbutton menu was opened.
    This happened with some combination of defaultAction with menu and
    popup mode.
    5. Ignore events conditionally based on their command name
    6. Correcting mouse wheel bug
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