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    ENH: Use vtkTriangleMeshPointNormals · 969659fd
    Alexis Girault authored
    The main bottleneck with real-time VTK rendering so far
    appeared to be the normals computation. This commit addresses
    that issue by making use of the latest normals computation
    filter in VTK: vtkTriangleMeshPointNormals.
    While this filter is much (5 to 16 times) faster than
    vtkPolyDataNormals, it does not check for consistency in the
    cell orientations that could cause inverted normals, which
    is why the vtkPolyDataNormals is called once in the surfacemesh
    renderdelegate to retrieve consistent cells for the input mesh.
    See VTK merge request for more information :
    PS: That MR requires the latest commits from VTK master, which
    does not include work made on texture wrap mode nor on multi
    texture attributes yet:
    - vtk@62a7ecd8
    - vtk@ae373026
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