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    ENH: Add SetupForDevelopment and first git hooks · b58ed9e9
    Alexis Girault authored
    - SetupForDevelopment is a bash script that will setup the git
    environment for the user, by running setup scripts in SetupScripts
    - SetupGitUser will assure that a conform name and email adress
    are configured.
    - SetupGitHooks will copy git hooks in the .git/hooks directory
    - SuggestGitTips will suggest useful tips to configure git
    - prepare-commit-msg is a git hook which will display the standard
    prefixes that can be use for the commit summary
    - commit-msg will ensure the commit message follows those standards
    as well as some other basic rules
    In the future we will incorporate KWStyle to check the code style
    in the git pre-commit hook.