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Fix multiple omnis issue

Alexis Girault requested to merge fix_multiple_omnis into master

Co-authored by: @NickMilef

  1. DeviceClient : not a module anymore, only stores device info and holds callbacks

  2. VRPNDeviceClient : subclasses DeviceClient AND Module, to conserve the ability to run multiple clients in parallel with a VRPN server

  3. HDAPIDeviceServer : new module that manages the HDAPIDevice clients execution, which need to be made sequentially. Also helps managing a unique hdScheduler.

  4. HDAPIDeviceClient : lets the HDAPIDeviceServer handle the hdScheduler. Also makes use of hdMakeCurrentDevice.

  5. SimulationManager : refactor to run modules instead of deviceservers or deviceclients

  6. Sandbox : use new simulationManager API to add modules

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