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WIP: Android Build, (TBB, VegaFEM, G3Logger toggleable/optional), Fully Static Build, Clang Build

Andrew Wilson requested to merge andrew.wilson/iMSTK:imstkAndroid into master

Something played around with this last weekend in the free time. Hopefully should allow imstk to be deployed standalone on the Quest 2.

Very incomplete, only works for android.

  • Moves Wrappings to the superbuild. Simplifying its nestedness. Can now be dependent on imstk with the imstk install being complete before it runs.
  • Possible to build without TBB
  • Possible to build without VegaFEM
  • Possible to build without G3Logger
  • Possible to build completely static (except the wrapper, required dll for import into C#)
  • Upgrades to VTK 9.2.2 (only builds without rendering atm)
  • Possible to build with Clang
  • Upgrades Assimp to 5.2.5
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