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BUG: Fix VR controls so multi buttons can be pressed at once, update camera...

Andrew Wilson requested to merge andrew.wilson/iMSTK:VRFixAndSuturingTest into master
  • Fix VR controls as two grips and two triggers couldn't be pressed at once.
  • Update camera movement but its still not correct.
  • Fix release when grasping.
  • Move FPS counter down to imstkViewer base to be used by all viewers (possible after ECS move).
  • Introduce VRLapToolControl example to tie knots. Spheres can be used as hands, and PbdObjectGrasping reused to grasp lap tools with sphere hands!

Note: Did this one in my free time last weekend to play around with VR. Note: We don't have controller mappings for headsets other than Oculus at the moment.

Edited by Andrew Wilson

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