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ENH: Adding screen control info

Jacob Moore requested to merge feature/ExampleSreenInfo into master

This MR adds basic screen text instructions to each of the examples. Currently displays controls for pausing/continuing scene and for resetting scene. This MR adds a VTKTextRenderDelegate and associated TextVisualModel to allow for text to be displayed to the screen as a component of a SceneObject. This is being used to add text to the examples by adding the visual model to the KeyboardSceneControl that is used to interact with each of the examples. Tied to issue #442 (closed)

PR Checklist

  • No API changes were made (or the changes have been approved)
  • No major design changes were made (or the changes have been approved)
  • No new dependecies were added (or the new dependencies have been approved)
  • Added test (or behavior not changed)
  • Updated API documentation (or API not changed)
  • Ran the CodeFormatEnforcer task and verified the license header is in all new files
  • Added iMSTK examples for all new major features (if any)
  • Add KeyboardSceneControl to the scene in each example.
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