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Jacob Moore requested to merge feature/suture into master

ENH: Adding basic functionality for suturing.

PR Checklist

  • No API changes were made (or the changes have been approved)
  • No major design changes were made (or the changes have been approved)
  • No new dependecies were added (or the new dependencies have been approved)
  • Added test (or behavior not changed)
  • Updated API documentation (or API not changed)
  • Ran the CodeFormatEnforcer task and verified the license header is in all new files
  • Added iMSTK examples for all new major features (if any)

This MR adds an interaction between a NeedleObject, a Pbd thread, and the surface mesh of a PbdObject so simulate suture and stitching. There are still a few things that need to be done before this is merged:

  • Iterative code review (thanks in advance for the feedback)
  • Incorporation of the CCD behavior for the thread (and any associated debugging/testing)
  • A discussion about where the components need to live
  • A discussion about what would need to change to generalize this for any type of suturing interaction. Currently it works with a specific needle.
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