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REFAC: Collision fixes & Integration Testing

  • Refactors visual testing to provide a useable environment for testing/developing simulation code.
    • Provides VisualTesting target, a common area for shared testing code among visual tests. Similar to our Testing target.
    • VisualTesting depends on Testing
    • Bounds & min displacement assertions for vertices.
    • Provides VisualTestManager class. Similar to a SimulationManager but a test fixture. Very similar to RenderTest & other such classes which kept cropping up. Now put into one. Is it not only a fixture, but provides some very simple bits to aid in development/debugging of a simulation test case that was causing developers to use examples instead of tests.
      • Uses a runFor function that is meant to terminate after specified amount of time. Can also specify dt.
      • If any key is pressed, the test timer is paused and the user can investigate/interact.
      • 1, 2, 3 can advance at 0.05, 0.01, 0.001 respectively.
  • Extensive testing for PbdObjectCollision in SceneVisualTests (partly moved from examples)
    • All possible collision demonstrated.
    • One disabled test added. Should work but has a bug/issue.
    • FrictionTest
    • Testing geometry mapping with collision
  • Testing for CollisionDetection in CollisionDetectionVisualTests (moved from examples)
  • Various Collision fixes
  • ModuleDriver::clearModules
  • Introduces scene/simulation time in imstkScene. Accumulates dt.
  • Logger::startLogger bug fixed where it could cause double output.
  • Removes DataLogger. An extremely dated class not used anywhere & is actually incorrectly doxygen named as Logger. Flown under the radar for a long time it seems.
  • Update C# examples for mapper renames
  • Introduces toTetGrid, toTriangleGrid, & toLineGrid in GeometryUtils
  • Various fixes for rendering toggle with csharp wrapper and visual testing toggles.
Edited by Andrew Wilson

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