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WIP: OpenXR support

Andrew Wilson requested to merge andrew.wilson/iMSTK:OpenXRSupport into master

When a newer version of VTK is provided OpenXR is built with instead of OpenVR.

OpenXR is an open standard which VR vendors support/provide implementations of. This allows usage of VR platforms in a more native way. Ex: OpenVR requires steamVR to run on top of Oculus. OpenXR just requires Oculus. See more details:


  • Add FindOpenXR
  • Turn on OpenXR in the innerbuild if vtkRenderingOpenXR module found in provided VTK.
  • Add controls/json mappings
  • Add haptics
  • Rename imstkVTKOpenVR classes to imstkVTKVR
  • Fix on linux
  • Fix Debug Build
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