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ENH: Vulkan renderer compressed texture support

Nicholas Milef requested to merge NickMilef/iMSTK:compressedTexture into master

Addresses: #204 (closed), #205 (closed)

Includes various texture loading improvements:

  • Reduced memory footprint with more compact formats for certain texture types
    • Single-channel texture types such as roughness, etc. now use only one 8 bits per channel as opposed to 32 originally
  • DDS textures are supported (both compressed and uncompressed)
    • Support for mipmap loading is supported
  • BCn texture compression types (see link below)
    • BC1-BC3 are supported
    • Due to what looks to be a bug with GLI, BC4 and BC5 are not supported at this time (
    • BC6H and BC7 are not supported because I couldn't try out textures of these formats. However, they should be easy to add with the current refactoring.

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