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Add laparoscopic tool controller

Adds a laparoscopic tool controller. The most common tool type are two-jawed laparoscopic tools that are controlled in position and orientation by an external device. The tool jaws however have extra degree of freedom i.e., rotation about axis perpendicular to tool. In addition the changes are aimed to allow able to create a custom class for any other common set of object controllers.

  1. TrackingController now called DeviceTracker gets latest tracking information from the device and applies offsets
  2. Add scene object controllers that contain DeviceTracker and the one or more scene object that are controlled by it.
  3. SceneObjectController controls single object using a single tracker.
  4. LaparoscopicToolController controls pivot, lower and upper objects with single tracker and buttons control the jaw angle
  5. The DeviceTrackers are updated only once per frame.
  6. Adds example to test laparoscopic tool controller

Relevant changes are in last 6 commits.


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