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    ENH: Add ExternalData Management System · 267b7f72
    Mayeul Chassagnard authored
    Download Data from Girder according to data key files contained in iMSTK/Data
    This uses ExternalData.cmake (Requires CMake >= 2.8.11 release).
    Add TEST: Add ExternalDataTest to verify downloaded files from Girder
    * Be sure the data requiered for the test is not there (delete it)
    * Add the imstk_add_data(${target} ${data_list}) function in CMakeList.txt
    which calls ExternalData_expand_arguments().
    * It downloads the data provided by the data_list (relative path from
    Add DOC: Add documentation on ExternalData Management
    * How to add data to iMSTK from Grider
    * Update data
    * Use data
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