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    Progress on a polygonal modeler. · f909bb60
    David Thompson authored
    New Modeling Kernel
    This commit adds a new modeling kernel based on
    It currently supports a very limited set of operations:
    + Creation a model.
    + Creation of model vertices.
    + Creation of model edges.
    Internally, an edge split operation is provided but not yet exposed.
    + Fix a bug in attribute association.
      Because model entity items in attributes may have a membership mask,
      calling `setValue()` does not guarantee that the association will
      occur. Return the proper boolean or infinite recursion will occur
      inside `Attribute::associateEntity()`.
    + Add a Python-callable variant of ImportJSON::ofLog.
    + Have `smtk.simple` hang on to operator results so that scripts can access them if they need to.
    + Fix error log printout in `smtk.simple` API.
    + Have python test `addToScene()` method return pipeline objects.