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    Add capabilities for SMTK inside ParaView. · e7886db8
    David Thompson authored
    + Create a new VTK source that reads SMTK model files.
    + Add a selection manager to smtk::resource that, unlike the
      smtk::extension::qt::qtSelectionManager, tracks ResourceComponents
      instead of EntityRefs, MeshSets, and DescriptivePhrases.
    + Add the husk of a ParaView stand-in for the resource manager,
      which does not yet exist, to act as a client-server glue layer
      for selection management.
    + Add a ParaView behavior to synchronize the selection
      (a) between ParaView's server-side per-block selections on SMTK
          representations; and
      (b) across the client-server connection using ParaView's pqSelectionManager.
    + Add a ParaView tool bar exposing buttons to filter the SMTK selection.
    + Rename the smtk::extension::SelectionModifier enum to smtk::resource::SelectionAction.
    + Change _all_ the `vtkModelMultiBlockSource` outputs to be multiblocks;
      The glyph mapper accepts multiblocks of vtkPolyData instances
      for the glyph points, so we should keep each instance's placements
      as a separate block. This makes it possible to use the new mapper
      pickability features with instance placements, too.
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