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    Refactor pqSMTKResourcePanel into qtResourceBrowser. · 944a1c97
    David Thompson authored
    + Refactor all but the ParaView-specific pieces from
      the SMTK resource panel widget into a new class named
    + Remove the unimplemented search text entry from the
      resource panel.
    + Add methods to qtSMTKUtilities to accept an override for
      the QTreeView widget.
    + Moves synchronization of the SMTK selection (when resources
      rather than components are selected) with ParaView's
      pipeline inspector into a new behavior named
    + Fix the `Selection::visitSelection()` method; it
      was not possible to call the more general visitor
      because shared pointers can be implicitly converted.
    + Add a `relatedObject()` method to descriptive phrases
      and phrase content. Arguably, this should replace
      `relatedComponent()` and `relatedResource()` as the
      only method they provide.
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