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    Make each `smtk::project::Project` own a `task::Manager`. · 6a3117f7
    David Thompson authored
    Before, the `task::Manager` was presumed to be application state.
    But because we only want to show tasks for a single active document
    (i.e., project) at a time, move it into project. This also helps
    decide where the task state should live.
    Note that this commit removes constructors from subclasses
    of `smtk::task::Task` since they need to call a deprecated
    parent constructor.
    This commit also removes signatures from `smtk::task::Instances`
    since that also causes deprecation warnings (and potentially
    further failures since the task-manager is required).
    This also provides `Instances::createFromName()` signatures
    that do not require a task manager (by recording the task manager
    which owns Instances at construction time).