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    Add a new "markup" resource and related changes. · 8402d848
    David Thompson authored
    The markup resource is focused on the annotation of geometric models
    (i.e., "marking up the geometry").
    Some related changes include:
    + Do not fail when geometry is not provided.
      Some resources inherit `smtk::geometry::Resource` but have
      no geometry and that's alright. Avoid VTK errors/warnings
      when this happens.
    + Graph-resource grammar improvements.
      + Accept `any` or `*` queries to mean that any object matches.
      + Ensure that an empty query is parsed properly (since now
        all of the query string must be consumed by a rule, provide a
        rule that matches zero or more spaces) and that it returns false
        for all components.
      + Fix the JSON node serializer to use a proper filter grammar
        (where previously parsing would fail, thus reporting every node
        as matching… but then the exact type-name check would filter
        the list down to what was needed).
      + Fix several tests that used improper query-filters.
    + Add component names and tr...