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    Add task worklets and a task gallery · 7ab3583d
    Robert M. O'Bara authored
    There are times when an user will need to interactively extend a task workflow by
    adding new tasks or a pre-connected set of tasks to the existing workflow, including
    new dependencies and adaptors.  To provide this functionality, SMTK adds  the concept
    of a *worklet*.  A *worklet* is an object representing a set of tasks created to
    reuse a set of workflow logic in multiple workflows. In SMTK, a worklet is represented
    as a component of a project and is managed by a project's task-manager in a collection
    of worklets known as the "gallery."
    This change also
    + makes `task::Adaptor` inherit `resource::Component`
    + refactors task events and their observers to occur during observation
      of operation results (rather than spontaneously, since now that tasks,
      adaptors, and worklets are components, that would force these events
      to happen during operations).
    + adds a simple worklet example in the data/projects directory called
    + moves the `` ...