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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • Issues nice-to-have for a specific milestone
  • priority:low
    CMB / CMB
    Issues considered very low priority for a specific milestone
  • priority:required
    CMB / CMB
    Issues required for a specific milestone
  • priority:important
    CMB / CMB
    Issues that are not required, but more important than nice-to-have.
  • priority:critical
    CMB / CMB
    Needs immediate resolution and may require a patch release to be created
  • Other labels

  • app:framework
    CMB / CMB
    Issue is related to the general framework (i.e. it is related to all CMB-based applications.
  • app:modelbuilder
    CMB / CMB
    ModelBuilder issues
  • app:paraview
    CMB / CMB
    ParaView issues
  • app:pointsbuilder
    CMB / CMB
    PointsBuilder issues
  • app:scenebuilder
    CMB / CMB
    SceneBuilder issues
  • area:build
    CMB / CMB
    Build-related issues
  • area:doc
    CMB / CMB
    Documentation issues
  • area:testing
    CMB / CMB
    Test-related issues
  • Issues prioritized for the annotation and exchange of virtual anatomy (aeva) project.
  • triage:confirmed
    CMB / CMB
    Confirmed issues
  • triage:crash
    CMB / CMB
    Crash Related Issue
  • triage:easy
    CMB / CMB
    Issues that are probably easy to fix